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The world of digital marketing is full of big ideas loaded with jargon. It can be hard to understand all the terms and concepts that you will come across as you start to grow your brand. When you work with KCX Media, we want you to feel confident in understanding the decisions you are making and how they will affect your business growth.

Whether you want to work with us or not, you can find something useful here. We work in digital marketing for the love of the game. We want you to be successful, even if we are not a good fit for each other. So check back here often for tips on tools and ideas that will help you learn and grow your business through good decision making and helpful hints.

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This is an image of a search bar, as we explore 5 reasons why websites fail

5 Reasons that Websites Fail

Why do websites fail? In this article we examine 5 reasons why websites fail, and how this affects the people who have so much riding on their success.
Do you know how to set SMART goals? This image shows the acronym for organizing your goals.

How to Set SMART Goals

It's important to have goals. But what a lot of people miss is the importance of setting SMART goals. The SMART goal system is an acronym, that is used to help you build goals that are both measurable and achievable. If you want to know how to set SMART goals, then start here.
Goal-oriented web sites start by asking these 3 questions

3 Questions for Creating Successful Goal-Oriented Web Sites

Building a web site is an important step in any marketing plan, but these 3 questions will help you create a goal-oriented web site built for conversion.
This is an image of multiple device screens, displaying the need for responsive design and why you need it.

What is responsive design?

If you've done any shopping for a web developer, theme, or other web solution, you've definitely heard of responsive design. So, what is responsive design and why do you need it?
This is the WordPress Samurai, who is pondering why you should choose WordPress

5 reasons you should use WordPress

I lay out 4 reasons why you should choose WordPress for your next web project. WordPress is easy to work with; it's scalable, stable, and drawing interesting.
This is an image of a WordPress Samurai, as i evaluate why I chose WordPress

What is WordPress?

Let's examine why I chose WordPress for my clients. I examine the three biggest factors I used to make my choice. Stability, Security, and Flexibility.
We created this glossary of website terms for our clients

Glossary of website terms

As the title implies, this is a growing glossary of website terms. Sometimes we get carried away with design jargon, and sometimes there is no easier word to use for explaining a concept. Either way, if you find yourself lost start here.