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We Build Custom Websites, User Experiences, and Branding Design.

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When it comes to internet marketing there are an overwhelming number of choices. A lot of companies promise fast and easy web designs with a heavy focus on words like “branding” and “digital marketing”. The big question that we want to ask you is this “Have these services worked for you?”

There is no one-size fits all method to web design, but the most effective solutions always start with getting to know who you are and what it is you need to accomplish with your digital marketing. Sure, assembly line methods are fast, but they’re also clumsy and impersonal.

The place between fast and effective is where you find KCX Media

KCX Media takes a different approach to digital design. We build our promises on the tried and true tools of the web professional: research, content strategy, and following the best practices in design hierarchy. No matter what role your business needs us to fill; we will always apply the best methods and standards available to meet your goals.

Web Design & Development

We build our websites with your audience in mind. Our prime directive is to optimize your pages to compete for search ranking and to give you the best return on your investment. We build our websites to be responsive across mobile and desktop browsers and optimized for Search Engine Optimization.

Let's Build a Website!

Web Site Care & Maintenance

Whether you have built your website on a CMS or not, there are people who take advantage of websites that are easy to access. It’s important to make sure that access to you are keeping your content safe and secure. We can help you do that. We offer monthly plans, or you can assemble your own plan À la carte.

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Web Content Strategies

Writing and choosing graphics for the internet can be a challenge. You need a strong understanding of your goals and purpose and a clear understanding of the way that search engines index web sites. We use a structured approach to content development that we have built on years of practice interacting with search engines and results algorithms.


Are You Ready To Put A Website To Work For You?

The internet is growing at an exponential rate. New ideas are being developed and introduced at the speed of thought. Cutting through the digital noise and connecting with your audience can be difficult. Are you leveraging your strengths to gain market position?

Whether you need a complete site design or are interested in bringing your site’s source code up to date with modern standards, we can help you craft a custom solution to meet your digital marketing needs. We take a results driven approach to web design focused on your marketing goals.

We’ll work with you in tracking your target audience and creating a user experience that exceeds their expectations. Along the way we’ll provide worksheets and questionnaires to help us align your vision with reality. We don’t stop at launch, either. We solve problems for the long term and our strategies are focused on growth and educating our clients on how to fulfill their needs.

These are just a few of the things we do:

Responsive Web Design 

Site Care & Maintenance

Search Engine Optimization

WordPress Development

Hosting & Site Backups

Back-end Security

SSL Installation

Education & Consultation

Logo & Graphic Design

Promotional Design

Professional Presentations

Blog & Social Media Strategies